What is CSB FEVER???

CSB Fever is a lifestyle brand who promote motorcycle drifting, stunting and racing worldwide.

CSB comes from Custom Sport Bikes and Fever is a street slang for motorcycle drifting with extended swingarm.

CSB Fever was founded in 2010 with its first show at a queensday event in The Netherlands.

Who is the founder of CSB Fever??

For the people who don’t know me, I'm Bennie Busa and I started CSB Fever back in 2010 to start promoting the underground scene with extended bikes who love to drift. 

Let's start by the beginning; I started a small business named Custom Sport Bikes in 2008 and registered it officially at the chamber of commerce in 2009. In that period i started visiting events and showed my bike and some friends bikes, that bring more customers. After 2 years I opened a shop and Custom Sport Bikes became an official workshop.

After visiting many meetings with organisers and governments all over the country to enter the event sector, I finally found an organiser who was willing to offer us a change and show what we do. This was a huge success and that gave me positive energy to find more events. CSB Fever gained a lot of exposure and fans in The Netherlands.

I will tell the full story in a video soon!